ObeX11® is a revolutionary, new plastic sheeting that changes the way termites are controlled. It provides a plastic barrier system that has many different uses and an additive that has been proven in laboratory and field testing to repel termites. ObeX11® has many different uses such as a vapor barrier, termite deterrent, weed preventer, moisture blocker, slab insulator, and material protector.Installed in the foundations, underneath the concrete slab and with an ascent along the foundation walls, ObeX11® is a termite-repellent vapor barrier. The Yellow layer, containing the ecological repellent, faces the soil to deter termites.


The additive in ObeX11® is Termirepel®™, which is a 100% natural, non-toxic, and non-hazardous termite repellent. Termirepel®™ is a special blend of essential oils and ingredients that have proven to repel termites through laboratory and field-testing. It has been tested and certified to perform multiple functions. ObeX11® meets the requirements of a moisture barrier set forth by the ICC/IRC.


The wood blocks you see show some of the actual results of the extensive testing done on ObeX11® Termite Repellent Plastic Sheeting. Each block of wood was covered with a plastic sheeting and exposed to hundreds of termites. The column on the top was wood covered in ObeX11® plastic sheeting after the testing. The column on the bottom is the wood covered in industry standard plastic sheeting after the exact same test. Which material do you want protecting your home from termites?



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