Protexia® is Rani Plast's official representative in North America.

Rani Plast is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of agricultural film. In fact, the company has the largest production line for agricultural film in the world!


Rani Plast is a second generation family business, founded in 1955.  Most of the production still takes place in the home village of Terjärv in Finland.


The turnover of the group is nearly 250 million dollars and it exports to more than 40 countries.


To use Rani products, it is the insurance to have quality and reliability. Standards for plastic-manufacturing factories in Finland are some of the highest in the world. Furthermore, Rani Plast is not a manufacturer like all the others: the company has its own research and development center that works closely with the field. They develop their own formulas (ingredients, concentration…) for their films, always with the end user in mind. They take pride in manufacturing the best products available on the market.


Rani has been our partner for more than 20 years.

To know more about Rani, please visit their website.



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