Effectively repels termites and insects

Eco friendly

Termirepel®™ is a non-toxic and non-hazardous insect/termite aversive product, extracted from natural ingredients and essential oils. It combines the best of chemistry and green practices to give an environment-friendly product which repels termites effectively while at the same time guaranteeing safety to the environment, plants, animals and fragile ecosystems.

Termirepel®™ does not kill but repels termites and insects, preserving their action in the environment, by making use of the sensory mechanisms. Aggressive species are further deterred from attacking by advanced mechanisms like aversion, feeding deterrents, mating disruption, reproduction cycle inhibition, growth impairment and chemo sterilization thus modifying their response towards the Termirepel®™-containing products resulting in them staying away from the product.

Termirepel®™ is non-toxic to humans and non-toxic to animals and the environment. It is directly integrated in the base product during the production, thus preventing against migration into the ecosystem. Unlike other products on the market, Termirepel®™ does not contain chemical insecticide and can therefore be handled and installed without any particular precautions. It can be made effective for a short period of time as well as many years.

Termirepel®™ is compatible with with all kinds of thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers such as PE, XLPE, PP, PVC, polyesters, epoxies and paints: both water and oil based. Termirepel®™ is available in form of concentrate based on LDPE and EVA polymeric granules, as well as other forms like solutions in ethanol or water, and can be incorporated in gels or sprays.

For more information about Termirepel®™ and its numerous applications, you can click here or contact us.

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