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We have an amazing offering of specialized agricultural supplies for sale. All of our products are of the highest quality and adhere to the strictest industry safety standards. View our full catalog in order to know all of our products, as well as our additional services.

We can also ship our products around the world and work with several strategic partners and distributors in order to make each order as smooth as possible. If you have any questions about our products and services, please get in touch today.



TexNet is the most cost-efficient netwrap on the market. It is stronger while being lighter than its competitors. 


Silage & Grain Bags


Silage & Grain Bags from Eurobagging are the highest quality, safest storage for silage, feed, cereals and by-products. The film is manufactured by Rani Plast in Finland and folded using a proprietary method at the Eurobagging factory in Czech Republic.

Grain bag



Rani Plast is one of the leading manufacturers of blown stretch film in the world. Our bale wrap film is made out of the best raw materials on the market. Our high-quality film is easy to use and it keeps your silage in prime condition over the winter.


Hemp Wrap For Bales

Silage Stretch Wrap for Hemp Bales

We created a bale wrap film specifically designed to wrap hemp bales. The hemp stalks are very different from hay and can be unforgiving to a standard quality plastic. That is why HempWrap is the strongest plastic silage wrap on the market and the only wrap developed with safely wrapping your hemp bales in mind.

Hay Tarps


Toptex covers are breathable and water-repellent, preventing spoilage from water exposure while perfectly preserving your forage. Your bales do not sweat like they would under a plastic tarp or sheet. With Toptex, you get shed-quality dry hay without the shed!

Hay Tarp

Netwrap Replacement Film


RaniBind is a film that can be used as an alternative to conventional netwrap.  The main advantage with RaniBind is the way it improves the oxygen barrier of the bale, resulting in better bale conservation.
Another advantage is that RaniBind can be recycled together with the wrapping film, as both products are manufactured from the same raw material.


Oxygen Barrier Covers


RaniSilO₂ represents a new generation of silage sheets with an added oxygen barrier for better forage quality.  

Bunker & Silage Covers


RaniSilo silage sheets have excellent mechanical properties, which allow for convenient and easy usage and the best possible forage. Our sheets are amongst the widest seamless in the world at 72 ft wide and up to 1000' long.

Bunker Cover

Oxygen Barrier Underlayment Film


A new underlayer film that protects your silage in two ways; by adding a barrier function to block out oxygen from the outside, and by minimizing the amount of air trapped under the silage sheeting on the inside.

Underlayment Film


RaniCover is a thin underlay film, which is designed to improve the quality of the feed. The separate film quickly clings to the silage in an optimal way and eliminates air pockets through its vacuum effect. The quality of the underlay film is important as it gives you an extra insurance against damage to the outer cover sheet.


Bird & Rodent Repellent Plastic

Now your flexible plastic storage has a defense against birds, raccoons & rodents for up to 2 years out in your field. We add our all-natural, non-toxic repellent into every square inch of the plastic. Available in Balewrap, Silage & Grain Bags & Covers.  If you need any more information, contact us.



Big-Tex Twine

Our twines are suitable for all balers and known for their ease of use, strength and reliability. The properties of the twine make it very soft, which as much as doubles the service life of the tying machine. Good knot strength ensures that the knots in the bale will be maintained also under rough handling and winter storage.

Hay Bales

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Bird & Rodent Repellent Agricultural Plastic

Agrirepel® products are unrivaled within the industry. They offer superior protection for your flexible storage by effectively repelling birds, raccoons & rodents. Protexia® is the exclusive distributor in North America.

Rani Plast

Balewrap, Silage Covers, Oxygen Barriers, Netwrap Replacement Film

Rani Plast is a highly reliable factory that we have been working with for decades. They have a great collection of supplies, and quality is always the priority. Protexia® is the exclusive distributor in the USA.


Silage & Grain Bags

The silage & grain bags made by Eurobagging are unbelievably reliable. We are constantly impressed by their quality, power and durability. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Eurobagging products in North America.

Tencate Geosynthetics

Hay Tarps

The products made by Tencate are innovative, reliable and help reduce waste. Protexia® is the exclusive distributor of Tencate Toptex 130 in North America.

TexNet® & Big-Tex

Netwrap & Twine

Truly the most cost effective netwrap & twine on the market. Stronger, Longer and Lighter - easy to run and always dependable. Protexia is the exclusive distributor in North America.

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We made the news! Check out below what the media has to say about Protexia and what we do. We’re so proud that we’re getting written and talked about in both industry and local press. We strive to be the best Agricultural Equipment Supplier in North America, so we are always thrilled when the media takes notice of what we are doing!

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Repellent treated balewrap effective for stored feed

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Agrirepel® Bird & Rodent Repellent Plastic

Farm Show Magazine

New Plastic Wrap that repels Birds & Rodents

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Story & Live Interview

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National Farm & Machinery Show 2019

Listed as one of the "must see" products for the Show

FarmWeek & Illinois Farm Bureau

Live Interview and Spotlight on Agrirepel®

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Ag Plastic Chases Critters Away

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Product spotlight and discussion

About Protexia®

Protexia® is a family owned and operated business. Our products are high quality, dependable and efficient. We always keep our customer in mind, this is why we keep innovating and creating new solutions. 


We are trusted and have an established international reputation for providing exceptional customer service along with great products. We are experts in our field and have decades of experience. Our commitment to protect our global network of suppliers, distributors and customers extends into initiatives designed to help the world they do business in - by creating products as greenly and efficiently as possible.

A Letter from our President: 


"In our first year, we met with a farmer that had just lost a significant amount of his silage, due to poor quality plastic. Trusting the wrong products or suppliers can make a farmers jobs even harder. During many of our first meetings with potential distributors, I heard more than once that we would never succeed here because American farmers would always choose cheap over quality. In my heart I would not believe it. 

Farming is hard work, and farmers deserve and need products they can count on, so we started to put our products directly into the hands of farmers. Next we decided to partner only with people that care about quality, setting higher standards to create a network of our own. 

Decades ago, my father created a small business with an idea: provide quality and dependability. Today, our still family-owned and operated company has offices in 7 countries and does business all around the world. Approaching our fourth year in business in America we have distributors, dealers and customers all over that are growing and spreading the word about our products.

Our solution-oriented, innovative products, like Agrirepel®, all have the same main purpose - to help farmers. 

I am thankful and proud to be a part of this growing network of people who share my belief and mission: to help farmers and protect animals by giving them dependable quality products season after season."


Benjamin Omet

President of Protexia®