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5mil & 6 mil Bunker Silage Covers Film

RaniSilo silage sheets have excellent mechanical properties, which allow for convenient and easy usage and the best possible forage. Our sheets are amongst the widest seamless in the world at 72 ft wide and up to 1000' long.

Underlayment Film

RaniCover is a thin underlay film, which is designed to improve the quality of the feed. The separate film quickly clings to the silage in an optimal way and eliminates air pockets through its vacuum effect. The quality of the underlay film is important as it gives you an extra insurance against damage to the outer cover sheet.

Oxygen Barrier Films

RaniSilO₂ represents a new generation of silage sheets with an added oxygen barrier for better forage quality. 

Oxygen Barrier Underlayment Film

RaniPrO₂ is a new underlayment film that protects your silage in two ways; by adding a barrier function to block out oxygen from the outside, and by minimizing the amount of air trapped under the silage sheeting on the inside.

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